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 SBI Basic rules

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PostSubject: SBI Basic rules   Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:47 am

1. Members that do not have teamspeak3 are not able to participate in Clan Wars and official TC's anymore.
2. When you see there is battle scheduled you should be on teamspeak server 20 min before it starts, cause we are contacting and accepting missing people to our battlegroups only from teamspeak from now on.
3. Use of the ingame voice function is forbidden unless teamspeak server drops.
4. When we are ingame you are all quiet and listen to the commander/s, you can only ask where to go if you didnt hear it corectly and only after the commander stops talking. If you have heard your orders press f5-Affirmative and follow them.
5. If there are people who doesnt understand english make sure you are on skype with a friend ingame who speaks your own language and can speak english. So he translates for you. If there is no such mate you are unable to play. (This does not apply to hungarian only team, cause they dont need english speaking guys to communicate)
6. If you are member of SBI and you want to play cw you need to use the forum and read tactics on different maps. If you are unable to see the tactic you have to contact one of commanders.
7.When multiple tanks are pushing, the tank with most hp always goes first, you are forbidden to wait other players to go first if you are over the 50%.
8. If it is posible protect your mate from getting killed by driving in front of enemy gun that would for sure kill
him and you still have enough life.
9. Players who do not agree with the rules and are not willing to die for greater good, will be suspended from playing cw for 1 week.
10. If you are a spy from other clan you will be shot.

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SBI Basic rules
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